How can I transfer my reports to Excel?

Simply scroll down when the report is ready and click on the option of Export All To Excel.

Does Invoke.Vision send notifications or reports about my campaigns’ performance?

You can receive email notifications of the performance report of your campaign, as well as notifications about the status of your content when they are approved or not. Make sure you provide your email address to receive the notifications.

Can I observe my campaigns data by publisher ID?

Yes, you can. When creating your campaigns, ensure you use the domain ID abbreviations of Invoke.Vision in the tracking URL of your campaign, this will enable you to view campaign data through publishers’ domain ID. You can observe performance via your analytics tools as well.

If you want a daily report about your campaign, you can request for it through the My Account section under the Email Settings.

How can I view my reports?

All the reports of your campaigns can be viewed individually or collectively.

If you want to view a single campaign, press on ‘Campaigns’ and select the one you wish to see the report, then click on the bar chart icon to your right side, and you will see the campaign’s report.

For all the Campaigns, you can view all at once, go to the Report tab and you can view your campaigns from there. To view a single campaign from there, just click on the drop down icon, and choose the campaign you want to view.

The graphical representation of the data is located at the top of your screen. From there you can alter some variables, such as the range of date, and the data view. You can see data by CTR, Clicks, Impression and Spend. Just underneath the graphical view, there is a horizontal line data view, you can change the view to Campaign, Content, or Day. You can as well get any data points when you click on the column caption.

How often are my reports updated?

Campaign reports data are updated on hourly basis.

Why if my campaign is live, I cannot see any data in the report?

The details of a campaign shows up in about 60 minutes of launching the campaign, so if you did not notice any data on your campaign report, you should check back again within the next one hour.

How can I view my reports by content, day or campaign?

Clicking on the specific type of report you want to view will display the results of the report. I.e, if you want to view report by Content, clicking on Content will bring out the content report and the same way for Campaign and Day.

Why the Average CPC does not match my campaign CPC in reporting?

If you set different CPCs for each type of device or you changed the CPC of your campaign on the same day, the standard CPC may not match the CPC of your campaign. The Average CPC is the aggregate of all the CPC rates of your campaigns on the same day, so if you did one of the mentioned points, you experience a mismatch CPCs.

Why am I not receiving notifications?

Contact the support team of peradventure you have not been receiving reports after requesting for it. You can contact your Account manager as well.

Why is there a difference between Invoke.Vision reporting and Google Analytics?

Google Analytics and Invoke.Vision uses different algorithm, this may cause differences in the data you see. Other sources of conflict include rate of update as well as time zone settings. You may also get traffic data on Google Analytics that did not show up in Invoke.Vision, this is because you are charged for traffics that fell out of your specific device and Geo specifications, and Google Analytics will show such traffics.

To reconcile this inconsistency, you should add the domain ID macro to your Invoke.Vision URL. Google Analytics may show traffics with tracking details of Invoke.Vision that may not come from us, this is because our link might have been saved by some web techs.

How can I make an RSS feed with unique URLs?

If you are running more than one campaign that have the same landing page and you want to test the headlines or the images of the same article, the link in each of them should be unique in the RSS feed. The generator of your RSS feed may give you a macro in which you can add a specific parameter go each of the links.

Example with Brax:

When creating your feed, add the following characters to the end of the links:


A specific variable will be assigned to every link.

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