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What is the minimum CPC or CPM rate to test?

The type of device, geo-location and type of content are what decide the least bid amount, we have minimum amounts that are set for each these can be seen when setting up a campaign.

What is Invoke.Vision?

We are a Native Advertising Network. Attracting readers to your website in a rather seamless manner. Invoke.Vision is a large network with thousands of Advertisers and Publishers. The link to your ad are shown with other promoted content on the websites on our network the network. Each click an advertiser’s Campaign generates an amount, and the Invoke.Vision network shows you what is successful to enable you to easily enhance your success.

Websites that use Invoke.Vision?

If you want to enhance the performance and increase the sale conversion of your website such as increasing your page and video views, drive more traffic to your website, or increase your app installation, then Invoke.Vision is for you. Invoke.Vision can function well for you no matter what niche you are. Are you operating a media company, or a well known brand, a startup or you are a small business owner that is looking for ways to increase your sales conversion? Invoke.Vision is your best bet.

What is Invoke.Vision’s pricing model?

We have 2 Networks CPM and CPC, majority of our volume is on our CPM Network.

Minimum fund required for an account?

To obtain a complete understanding and optimization of the platform, you would need to spend about 100 USD, moreover, the least amount that your account can be funded with is 500 USD, though you may not spend everything. After you’ve done your spending, any fund that is left in your account will be refunded back to you.

Can you guarantee a certain amount of clicks?

The platform CPC and CPM, making the volume of clicks available depend on a number of things, such as the competitiveness from other advertisers on our network as well as the CTR of your campaign. Therefore, volume of clicks an advertiser receives are not guaranteed on the Invoke.Vision platform. However using CPM you only get charged per 1000 impressions and with a good attractive ad you can decrease your CPC.

How much potential volume is available with Invoke.Vision?

Invoke.Vision is a big source of network for advertiser, we have a massive amount if volume mainly on our CPM network which enables us to deliver large amount volume to advertisers. Our broad reach enables us to serve over 50 billion recommendations on a monthly basis.

Our network is based solely on performance, with this in mind, advertisers should understand that the volume their campaign receives are affected by some factors such as:

  • The CTR your campaign
  • The cost per click of your campaign
  • The CPM of your campaign
  • The daily and overall budget of your campaign
  • The targeting settings for device and country and
  • The competition for network

These are some of the factors that affects advertiser’s campaign at Invoke.Vision

How are my ads shown on a publisher’s website?

Ads are shown on publishers website in small imag formats. And the content is always in native style, though publishers can add other native formats. The content is displayed below article the article as sponsored or recommended content in the publisher’s website.

Is information shared with Other companies?

The answer is a big NO. please view the privacy policy to get a better understanding of how we handle our user’s data.

Where can I find Invoke.Vision’s Terms of use?

You can see our terms for advertiser here.

Getting started with Invoke.Vision?

Starting with Invoke.Vision is very simple just go to this url and sign up:

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