What types of payments can I use to fund my account?

You can pay with credit or debit card from American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa, and payments are handled by PayPal.

How can I get payment terms for my account?

Account with a total spend of $25,000 and has been active for a minimum of thirty days can request for a credit application through their account manager or info@invoke.vision. Normally, this application takes about 7 days before it gets approved, during the application process, you will be asked to provide references, ensure that the references you provide are reputable firms and you have done business with them in the past and they have given you credit also in the past. You will be notified through your account manager if the credit application is approved or not.

What is the Invoke.Vision’s billing cycle?

Our billing cycle is 30 depending on the activities of the previous month, except you’ve funded your account previously through our payment channels

Will I ever be charged for more than my campaign budget?

Once the budget limit of your campaign is attained, your campaign will stop receiving service, but your content can still be clicked before your budget is reached. This will attract a charge of up to 10% of your budget on your account during this period.

How do I update or change the credit or debit card on my account?

You can change the credit or debit card on your account under the My Account section of your Invoke.Vision account. Follow this process to change your credit or debit card: My Account>Campaign Deposits>Add Funds>Choose the card you want to update, then save.

I added funds to my account via PayPal but the funds haven’t posted to my account, why?

Most a times, it takes between 24 to 48 hours for PayPal to post large deposits to your account, Invoke.Vision has no control over this, however, before you make another deposit via PayPal, ensure you check on the Deposit History under the My Account section to see if your previous deposit is pending. In the meantime, you should consider funding your account through credit or debit cards.

Who do I contact if I have billing or invoice questions?

Any account queries and enquiries should be directed to your account manager, but if you don’t have an account manager, direct all queries, enquiries and complains to info@Invoke.Vision.

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