I forgot my password and can’t login, who do I contact?

Contacting the support team of Invoke.Vision will answer all your questions, however, resetting your password is easy, just click on the Forgot Password link that is located below the login form and you follow the procedures of resetting your password.

Can I run as both and Advertiser and Publisher using the same account?

You can run as an advertiser and a publisher in a single Invoke.Vision account, but you will need to update the account to the type you need at a time. Updating the account can be done through the My Account section of your Invoke.Vision. Publishers’ account has both the Widget and the Campaign tabs at the top of the page, so if you updated your account type to publisher, you will see the Widget and Campaigns at the top of the page.

How to I make changes to my account?

Account changes are done under the My Account section of your account. Make sure you save all change made before exiting

How do I cancel and delete my account?

You can cancel and delete your Invoke.Vision account, however, before doing that, make sure all your campaigns have been paused to prevent them from still serving. Contact info@Invoke.Vision with your account information to request for account deletion.

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